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+38 05366 4-10-70
+38 067-408-49-33

Wedding Offer

Special Wedding Offers “Evropeisky” Hotel Complex seems to have been created for your wedding party! That’s where all your wishes may be put into life just at one place:

  • spacious hall seating up to 120 persons is decorated in pastel shades which allows ornamenting it in any colors;
  • summer terrace – a perfect place for an outdoor wedding ceremony, which may be attended by all your guests;
  • a playground and café for children, where the youngest guests may play, eat or watch cartoons;
  • luxurious suites for newly-weds and their guests;
  • professional service and exquisite banquet menu;
  • own bakery and confectionary;
  • possibility to arrange fireworks and fire shows.

For detailed information:

Tel.: (05366) 4-10-66 (“Evropeisky” Restaurant)
Tel.: 067 531 75 40 (Vladislav, Chief Administrator)

molodogoni Special wedding offers for newly-weds.
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