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«Carlson» Kids Cafe

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As a rule, kids dream of seas of juice, mountains of ice-cream and falling steams of chocolate. And it would be nice, if all that abundance were accompanied by a favourite cartoon.
All kids’ dreams come true in «Carlson» Kids Cafe.

«Carlson» Kids Cafe is situated within the boundaries of «Evropeisky» Hotel Complex and consists of:

  • comfortable and beautiful hall;
  • summer cafe;
  • playground.

The menu of «Carlson» Cafe includes a wide selection of dishes, juices, cocktails for kids. Our own confectionery allows us to offer any child tasty and always fresh pastries.

Anyone can afford to celebrate a child’s birthday in «Carlson» Cafe – we practice an individual approach and have offers for different family budgets.

No doubt – with us your party will turn into a fairy-tale with bright adventures and journeys to the world of fantasy and magic.